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If you have pain or an injury that is limiting you we can help.  Book in for an Initial assessment where we will take a detailed history and do a thorough assessment, from there we create an individualised treatment plan aimed at achieving your goals.


Some injuries or following certain surgical procedures a longer period of rehab may be required, we offer packages to help maximise your results.  We aim to guide you through each stage of your rehab.  This may include some hands on manual therapy, soft tissue therapy, gym based rehab, or on pitch rehab. This is something that can be discussed during your initial assessment.


At Movement Room Physiotherapy our aim is to keep you moving, whether that's enjoying some recreational activity or competing at the highest level. An MRP Screening session can help keep you injury free and performing at your best. During an MRP Screening session we will take a detailed injury and training history, we use some of the latest testing equipment to look at movement patterns, mobility, strength, power and control.  With this information we build up an individual profile.  You will then be provided with a report advising you on how you can improve your performance and reduce your injury risks.

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Movement Room Physiotherapy offers a range of small group Prehab/Rehab Programs.  Each Program runs for a 4-8 week block, and often includes some testing at the start and end of each block.

  • ACL Prevention - Particularly beneficial to female athletes or younger athletes this program aims to help improve lower limb strength and control.

  • Shoulder Club - This program is beneficial for athletes with a history of shoulder injuries or those involved with contact or overhead sports (Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, Badminton)

  • Hip and Groin Club - This program is  beneficial for any athlete with a history of hip or groin pain or those involved in multidirectional sports 

  • Foot and Ankle Club - If you have a history of lower limb injuries this program will be of benefit. 

  • Strength for Runners - This class is great for runners of all levels who wish to stay injury free and improve their performance

  • Strength and Mobility for Golf - This Program is great for golfers of all abilities to help keep injury free.

  • The Youth Athlete Program - This program aims to improve movement patterns of the younger athlete and educate them on good training habits to help keep them injury free and performing at their best. 

  • The Back Program - This program is ideal if you have a history of Back pain. 

  • Bespoke program - We can also create a program specific to your needs, we work with different sports teams, occupational groups to create a program based around your needs. 

Keep an eye on our Website/Social media for announcements for the next block of Program - if you are interested in a certain program please fill out the contact list below

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